About Us

Renovation NYC was established in 2000 in Manhattan as an offshoot of our Horizon Window Treatments, a premiere windows treatment company. We discovered that many of our clients needed a more comprehensive design and contracting service to truly transform their apartment into the place they wanted to come home to.

Our Story

Renovation NYC was  Established IN 1994

V. We made some design suggestions, but we found it increasingly challenging to find qualified contractors to execute our ideas. Our clients needed someone who would not only design their space, but who could get the job done quickly, easily, and for a reasonable price.

Our small service quickly grew to become a premier full-service home decor company. We now provide design, sales and contracting services to all five boroughs of New York City.

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Full Service, Quality
Renovation Services

At Renovation NYC we believe that each client is unique, and we gear towards each client’s individual needs. Our design consultants and contractors will make your in-home shopping experience effortless and enjoyable.


our clients demand excellence and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver it each and every time. We offer the experience of thousands of installations, along with quality products, valuable design support, and a history of stellar results. We’ve earned our outstanding reputation, one client at a time.
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  • The Plazza
    768 Fifth Ave New York City


  • The Milan
    300 west 55th street


  • The UN Plaza
    845 united Nation plazza NYC


  • Lincoln sq
    15 Central Park West NYC


  • The Empire State Building
    20 west 34 st NYC


  • Amsterdam Billiards
    110 East 11 st NYC

“I designed a non-traditional kitchen. I had a hard time getting builders to listen to me. Zac listened and now I have the kitchen I imagined.

I will recommend them 100%, zac did wonderful job”

John Smith

“Used RenovatioNYC to remodel my kitchen. We did a complete remodel except for the floor. The work was top notch and the result is beautiful. Zac and his team make sure that you are completely satisfied with the results and any concerns and issues I had were addressed promptly and courteously. Very easy to deal with this company and you always get a prompt response when you need to contact them. Highly recommend!”

Jenny Cane


130 fourth Ave
New York NY 100003