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We are craftsmen, driven through creating the exclusive custom kitchen, custom media room, custom living room, and custom butcher block countertop into what you have always imagined of having.

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Window Treatments

Looking for Expert Window Treatments Near NYC? We are Around 20 years of experienced Renovation Contractor Based in NYC, Providing Custom Window Treatments. our property is our topmost priority.

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Custom Woodwork

We are craftsmen, driven through creating the exclusive custom kitchen, custom media room, custom living room, and custom butcher block countertop into what you have always imagined of having.


Diane Weintraub Pohl
Diane Weintraub Pohl
Zac and his team did excellent work for me, fabricating bookshelves and a desk. They were reliably on time, returned texts and emails promptly, worked cleanly and respectfully. The work is lovely, exactly what I wanted.
joseph caggiano
joseph caggiano
I had an excellent experience with Renovationyc, the home contractor who painted my apartment and handled other tasks, such as installing a new toilet and bathroom light. The quality of their work was exceptional. The paint job was flawless, and they paid great attention to detail, leaving no room for any complaints. Moreover, they efficiently and skillfully installed the new toilet and bathroom light, making sure everything was in perfect working order. Throughout the process, they were professional, courteous, and always willing to address any questions or concerns I had. I highly recommend this contractor to anyone in need of reliable home improvement services. They truly exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be happier with the final results!
Gary Kanter
Gary Kanter
I could not be happier with Zac and his team. After living here 30 years, I needed to make some changes to make my place safer for me. It was a small job, but Zac was up for it. He was extremely supportive of me with my concept. The construction was done last week and looks better than I imagined. It is being painted. It is adding architectural interest that really freshens up my home.
Edwin Martinez
Edwin Martinez
We hired Renovation NYC after an extensive search of companies to remodel the existing metal deck flooring which has been deteriorating over the last couple of years. The project involved removing the existing metal panels, prime/paint the structure and install composite wood flooring. My family is very pleased with the results. The contractors were very professional and understanding of our needs to have the best quality finish. Zak was very communicative in keeping us informed of any changes to the work schedule and delivery of material. My family is looking forward to less maintenance and more memories to share with our remodeled deck. Thank you Renovation NYC!
Michael Marrs
Michael Marrs
We are very happy with the work performed by Renovation NYC! They were professional and kept the workspace clean. They take pride in their work and the results prove it. Thank you for a great job!
Carol Thomas
Carol Thomas
My kitchen was renovated using Renovation NYC. Except for the floor, we completely renovated the space. The work was excellent, and the outcome is stunning. Any concerns or problems I had were promptly and politely addressed by Zac and his team, who make sure you are completely satisfied with the results. Dealing with this business is incredibly simple, and you always get a quick response when you need to get in touch. Highly recommended.
Andreas Wimmer
Andreas Wimmer
They spray painted the faces of bathroom cabinet drawers. They turned out nice, installation was precise and on time. The prize is appropriate for high quality work.

About Us & Why We are

The Best For the Job

Renovation NYC was established in 2000 in Manhattan as an off shoot of our Horizon Window Treatments, a premiere windows treatment company. We discovered that many of our clients needed a more comprehensive design and contracting service to truly transform their apartment into the place they wanted to come home to. We made some design suggestions, but we found it increasingly challenging to find qualified contractors to execute our ideas. Our clients needed someone who would not only design their space, but who could get the job done quickly, easily, and for a reasonable price.
Image of a Modern Living Room | Renovation NYC

The Best For the Job

Kitchen remodeling or renovation is not a new thing in this modern era rather it’s an excellent idea. However, it gives a new life to your old kitchen designs. The fact is that it enhances the appearance in a great way of benefits. Loading with a number of greases, oil, and other issues, it turns into a hard situation to fix it. If you would like to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or even home in New York City then you don’t need to worry because Renovation NYC has some best offers to serve you.
Moreover, we have a separate expert team for the separate renovation who will remodel or renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or sweet home that you are looking for. Now we’re giving a short brief on why you need to remodel your home and what are the major benefits that you may get from our professionals.
Every component of your beloved home is very much important doing remodel due to the following considerations. It is the way of enhancing the fantastic performances of your kitchen. In fact, after the remodeling of your kitchen, it becomes really easier, friendly and fancy enough than as usual. In addition, you can save your energy by changing old and unused electrical appliances. Thus, fitting the LED Models in your kitchen or home will consider saving your precious money and valuable time as well. Besides these, it makes your electrical devices more update which helps to build your kitchen or home Eco-friendly such as adjusting salvaged wood, bamboo for your flooring system, counter-tops, and cabinets. Furthermore, this is the way of making your kitchen appearance more modernized which gives more comfort and safety because safety has the major priority instead of saving money. Last but not least, after renovating your lovely home; it will increase the great value and the way of paying off when you decide that you will sell your home.

We are General Contractor NYC

If you really need the best contractors for renovation your kitchen, home or bath then we’d love to help you out. We have been working NYC for long time and not only for stylish and modern design but also focusing your budget. We’re here to give you the maximum value of your plan and program including everything you need. There are several kinds of services that can make your home more beautiful and luxurious after refurbishing, for example; carpentry, flooring, painting, plumbing, architectural design, electrical and

The New Key Process

Your home has the prospective to be attractive and extremely functional – a place wherever everybody can feel comfy and calm. Our expertise permits us to see the full potential of each room also craft a space that your family would genuinely relish each day. We worth swift and clear communiqué amongst the project stakeholders toward ensuring every feature of the remodel is accomplished with the uppermost level of precision and to your gratification. We make the maximum of your space plus your budget. Our crew members offer real-world advice around the prospect of your project plus use our numerous years of experience to make sure that the outcome is fantastic.
At Renovation NYC we don’t trust in one-size-fits-all tactics. In its place, we modify your small bathroom modernize to make the bathroom of your visions for just half the value of a customary remodel. Whether you are seeing to change the bathtub in your guest lavatory to a readily available shower, otherwise you would favor installing as brand new spa bath; our experts would design and install you a modified bath system without the time-consuming annoyance of a distinctive renovation. We have a strong crew of brilliant designers who emphasize excellent design experience.
Today’s kitchens are the focus of the home plus a focal point of daily living and entertainment. Renovation NYC kitchen designs are more sophisticated than ever and offer maximum function plus the use of accessible space. If your kitchenette lacks functionality, otherwise the cupboards and style are in requirement of updating, we can help. We offer kitchen remodeling services that include a wider range of design plus planning guidance in addition to all construction plus installation work. No detail is ignored—from layout plus configuration to cupboards and countertops.
Our experience permits us to craft anything from a modern high-gloss kitchen toward an ornate, customary cherry kitchen and contemporary wood style. Whether you want from custom one a kind projects to something that creates a statement or somewhat that is classic plus timeless, we want toward help you create it a realism! We take your project goals, budget, and timeline earnestly. To them, we apply our capacity for building tech, sound business practices, and promise to welcoming service. The end outcome is a long list of pleased clients and attractive remodels.
We are proud to deliver our clientele with 360 degrees of proficiency to confirm your window treatment requirements are covered at all angles. Our promise to supreme service and workmanship has received us a well-deserved repute as one of the best window treatment businesses. No other firm offers a higher level of service, otherwise greater value. We are certified, bonded, and insured. Outstanding motivations for mentioning family and friends! We will come to you toward measure, order, deliver also install your window treatments. This confirms a faultless fit that will also hang function properly.

What are you actually paying for?

Time and Labor

Restoring the home, kitchen or bath turns into a good investment for the home owner alongside time, labor and patience. Most of the time materials will cost 70%-85% whereas labor cost is only 15%-30% but depends. For making your kitchen well-renovated; certainly you have to be tolerant. Basically, it takes 4-8 months but depends on structures as well as sizes. Most of the cases we try to minimize the time as much as possible.

Permits and Filling Fees

There is a fee required for permitting the building. The average is $1,128 whereas home owner has to spend $385-$1893 and sometime it reaches $7500, depending on some several factors like the city you live in, the size of your building and the designing that you have intended your mind to apply. If you are still confused then feel free to contact us for more details because we always care your concern.

Property Type

Most of the time it has four types of property in remodeling like basics, curb appeal, value added and personal preference. The basics are such things that include buyer’s expectations when they buy a home.

Curb Appeal

Adding curb appeal on your property is more like to be gorgeous and especially for your prospective buyers. This is one of the ways that will assist to sell your property faster than as usual. It includes well-manicured lawn, low-cost, fresh paint inside and outside.

Adds Value

The projects that adds considerable value on big favorite of fix-it- and-flip-it in advocating-they should be going higher on home owner’s list too while most of these attempts won’t compensate their cost.

Personal Preference

Personal preference projects are tidy and stylish features that other people are not willing to pay but you want it.

Raw Materials

Raw materials play great rules as well as importance for your building while renovating. Here we’re giving you the best ideas of raw materials for renovating your home properly.

  • Plywood
  • Cinder Blocks
  • Acoustic Tiles
  • Copper Pipes
  • Wax
  • Steel Sheets
  • Cork
  • Peg Board
The Finishing Materials and Fixtures

Finishing materials and fixtures of the property make your lovely home more attractive. It includes mortars and concretes; some are being used artificially like masonry materials and some are being used in natural way. Decorative ceramics is a best example of artificial systems. Few components of the renovation are made from wood, plastics, papers, some kinds of paints and varnishes as well.

Other Cost

After estimating some other cost like materials and labor then you should consider some other additional cost. Moreover, you have to add the cost of seeking permissions, designing and surveying. This may vary from location to location and design to design.

Where should you save?

It really doesn’t matter whether your budget is limited or big. Total cost of your kitchen, bathroom or home has to be in controlling; the reason why our experts wanted to give you some special tips to help you.


Kitchen appliances will make you more uncomfortable after finishing your remodeling. But, the calculation will give you some good ideas to save your precious money. Let’s get some consults from our experts.

  • You have to get a price match.
  • You should find out the models that offer Rebate.
  • You need to buy the appliance from an outlet store.
  • Buy a floor and discontinued models.
  • Buy your appliance during Sale.

Separate Interior Designer

Let’s talk about the conversation of stating why you need a separate interior designer for your renovation. It’s not a big deal that how great you are choosing your colors or design, but you need the least support or assistance when you are getting engaged in renovation either if it is kitchen or bathroom. In fact, there will be some high-risk factors if you don’t take the professionals help because a separate designer has separate skills on it.

Where should you splurge?

Tile and fixtures selection

The experts of renovtioNYC have some best answers for selecting the tile and fixtures for remodeling. Here we have given some best ideas for it.


If you are eager to hire a contractor and cover up a large territory; particularly, tiles selection is a matter of great concern to accomplish superbly.


Giving a new look to your bathroom or kitchen then the painting has a great contribution that you should think about it. Reaching out your goal can be achieved by re-painting which are easiest and cheapest.


Lighting fixtures will give you another attractive outlook of your bathroom or kitchen which makes it more luxurious. In addition, selecting your lighting in a smart way can really save your precious money. The issues come once again, quality should be given prime priority when you are selecting your lighting fixtures.

Cabinet Selections

While you are thinking about designing your Kitchen; renovation cabinet can be a hard choice. To make sure the kitchen is more attractive or pleasant you have to focus extra importance on your project.

Apart from this, most people think that the cabinet plays an important role in the kitchen by giving their storage capacity Literally; kitchen cabinets will make the most talent use of your kitchen and also for floor plan.


If you would like to make your property better; maybe you don’t know where to start. We would suggest you begin a quick call renovatioNYC the professional and experts are ready to renovate your kitchen and bathroom with a lucrative design. Since you have intended your mind to build your project, you might need a full selection of colors and styles that will not affect or harm your other selected choice on the countertop, floor tiling or back-splash.


It is the burning question the reason why you are going to choose as well hires us. There are so many things behind it to hire us. We are not just for couple of years; we are here to be standing over for a decade to decade. We have the most experience in this sector and know very well how to make you satisfied by providing the services, consult. We will give the maximum value of your needs to fulfilling .We are able to evaluate your precious time. So, if you would like to do some renovations in your home from our assist then you maybe want to do some cosmetic updating. We will change the layout to make your space more functional, more creative. We would be happy to take care if some household repairs. Here we are going to tell you the best 4 reasons why you are going hire us. Let’s take a look.

Four Reasons

We are qualified and licensed

As you know that different states have different requirements, so it’s very important to hire a general contractor company to avoid your nightmare. A licensed renovation company is much experienced with procession permits and inspections as well.

We are qualified and licensed

As you know that different states have different requirements, so it’s very important to hire a general contractor company to avoid your nightmare. A licensed renovation company is much experienced with procession permits and inspections as well.

Proving the last time services

If you have a bad experience from the previous company then renovation NYC is offering the last time service. This is not an announcement it’s our commitment.

Quality services with 5 years of warranty

Differents company provides differents quality of service but here we are giving you something best. We are only a company located in New York City providing you some attractive services with maximum quality and also giving you 5 years of warranty. This is just because to make you 100% satisfied.

Our Works

Frequently Ask Questions

Is it cheaper to remodel or build a new house?

According to the building or kitchen renovation researchers, it has been proved that building remodeling is much cheaper than buying a new house. It’s an excellent way of saving money.

Does HGTV pay for renovations?

There is no cut and dried answer for who will pay for the home renovations you see on the HGTV Shows and it all depends on what you are watching.

What are the steps to remodeling a house?

There are the most 10 important steps to remodel your house. The steps have been mention below-

→ Make a plan
→ Set a budget
→ Talk to your insurance agent
→ Hire a reliable contractor
→ Secure permits and order materials
→ Start demolition
→ Work behind the walls
→ Paint and install flooring
→ Install Cabinetry
→ Add finishing touches

Is fixing up a house worth it?

It is profitable fixing up a house because the average return on your remodeling investment is 20%-30% less than you spend.

What are the warranty for labor and materials?

There is three years’ warranty for labor and materials.

How long should a home renovation take?

It is tough enough to tell the exact time because it depends on a few factors but here we are giving the best ideas

→ It takes 1-3 months’ time for architectural designing phase
→ It takes 2-3 weeks for biding phase
→ It takes 1 month for HOA approval and City permission
→ It takes 3-9 months for construction phase.

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