About Us & Why We are The Best For the Job

Renovation NYC was established in 2000 in Manhattan as an off shoot of our Horizon Window Treatments, a premiere windows treatment company. We discovered that many of our clients needed a more comprehensive design and contracting service to truly transform their apartment into the place they wanted to come home to. We made some design suggestions, but we found it increasingly challenging to find qualified contractors to execute our ideas. Our clients needed someone who would not only design their space, but who could get the job done quickly, easily, and for a reasonable price.



“Zac designed and built a custom radiator cover for us, and it is gorgeous! Far better than I ever would have imagined. He worked within our budget and was a JOY to work with. His crew was superb also. They were professional, friendly and paid close attention to detail during the installation. The radiator cover fits so perfectly that it looks like the apartment came with it. We will hire this company the next time we need any work done. We can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Justin M.

Justin M. Manhattan, New York, NY

“Zac and Renovation NYC did an amazing job – designed the perfect bookcase for an alcove in my apartment, built and installed it in a few weeks – on time and on budget. Overall a fantastic experience. I would recommend highly”

Victoria L.

Manhattan, New York, NY


130 fourth Ave
New York NY 100003


‪(212) 658-1214