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Reliable and affordable Kitchen Remodeling service in New York City. We are 25 Years of Experienced NYC based Home & Kitchen Renovation Contractor; Providing Services with 100% Satisfaction.

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Kitchen Remodeling Service in New York City

Today’s kitchens are the focus of the home plus a focal point of daily living and entertainment. Renovation NYC kitchen designs are more sophisticated than ever and offer maximum function plus the use of accessible space. If your kitchenette lacks functionality, otherwise the cupboards and style are in requirement of updating, we can help. We offer kitchen remodeling services that include a wider range of design plus planning guidance in addition to all construction plus installation work. No detail is ignored—from layout plus configuration to cupboards and countertops, to lighting plus flooring, as well as every finishing touch in between.

Free In-Home Consultation and Estimates

At RenovatioNYC, we trust in offering completely customized, modified experiences toward all of our customers, along with high-quality workmanship plus materials for every work, big otherwise small. We strive toward being the finest contractors for kitchen remodeling in New York. Contact us now for your free in-home discussion and estimation for your kitchen overhaul project. We would work on understanding precisely what you plus your family need for your faultless kitchen.

Superior Material Selection

As specialists in the home makeover and renovation business for many years, we pride ourselves on using the uppermost quality resources for all of our kitchen renovation jobs. We would find the right materials, textures, and accents toward fit your style plus budget and confirm that you enjoy a lovely new, expanded, otherwise remodeled kitchenette for years to come.


Kitchen Expansion Services

We recognize that cooking and spending time in a packed kitchen is less than perfect. If you are running out of space in your present kitchen, our crew can make sure your kitchenette expansion accomplishes your requirements.

Top Four Reasons for Remodeling a Kitchen

At Renovationyc we know how significant your home is to you. Having a home, you are comfortable in and proud toward sharing with guests and relish being in is vital to your pleasure and overall happiness. Remodeling your home is one method to build your vision home, right wherever you are, without the annoyance of moving or the disturbance of relocating. Here are just a few additional reasons why remodeling your kitchenette may be the correct choice for you.

Make Space

Proficient remodelers could look at the space you have accessible in your kitchenette now and tell you how toward make the maximum of it. By removing also relocating cabinets, knocking over partitions otherwise walls, removing needless closets, plus moving appliances, your kitchenette can grow considerably so you have more space toward making the maximum of.

    Upgrade Appliances

    Remodeling your kitchenette brings you the faultless opportunity toward upgrading your appliances. Not merely will this bring you a fresh novel look and permit you to hold cutting edge technology, progress your appliances could be vital to safety. Older appliances are not merely hard on your energy bill, they could sometimes be fire dangers or even reason electric shocks.


    This is the option for you to select a design you love. Mainly if you have never remodeled your kitchenette before, this could be a thrilling time for you toward exploring designs and truly make your home-based your own.

      Get Prepared to Sell

       Remodeling your kitchenette can aid you to sell your home faster otherwise at a higher price. The kitchenette can be a make otherwise breakpoint for persons interested in purchasing a home. Remodeling would increase the worth of your house and permit you to recoup all otherwise part of the charges incurred.


      As the main place wherever family and friends gather, a first-class kitchenette is at the core of every joyful home. For the above 20 years, Renovationyc has been advantaged to serve populaces by making their kitchen renovation visions come true!

      Here is our 4-steps design process:

      Measurement: We precisely and repeatedly measure the whole thing so no feature is missed.

      Layout: We theorize and design everything, from room design to the location of every appliance plus cabinet.

      Choosing the kitchenette finishes: The potentials are endless! We will help you match each sample to confirm that all your cabinets, appliances, counter-tops, flooring, backsplash, as well as accessories, work cohesively from the starting.

      Budgeting: We would work with you to create a budget and then make a unique design that makes the most of it. Since we dual as both a dealer and kitchen contractor, we will know the exact value of each component, growing your options and removing hidden costs. Whatever the extent of your budget, the end outcome should (and would!) look like you spent a complete lot more.

      How Can Plan for Remodeling Your Kitchen


      Be real and look for energy-efficient appliances by warranties—debatably, you’ll use appliances additional than other features in your kitchenette. But be certain to maintain a balance among what you expend on appliances plus cabinets.


      Whereas ceramic tile is excessive for backsplashes, goes through porcelain on floors. Porcelain tile battles chipping and cracking, as well as is a favorite for the budget also longevity. Keep in mind the magnitude and design of tiles while figuring the budget. Ponder large tiles for flooring, which provide the kitchen a modernized look and need fewer grout lines and cuts throughout the installation.

      Keep The Style Also Color System Simple

      Ponder neutral for cabinets, countertops, floors, backsplashes plus appliances. By neutral, we do not mean white. Go natural as well as subdued. Select surfaces and fixtures that merge with many styles.

      Choose Eternal Styles

      For example, a sleek, white tunnel tile will grow old through a kitchen and never decease. Same drives for natural stones as well as neutral-colored tile. Beforehand you dig into your project, distinguish your priorities thus you can emphasis spending wherever it’s most significant.

      Confused Making Desition? Need Expert Advice?

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      Bad Habits of Kitchen Renovation

      Failing to Ponder The Workflow

      The refrigerator, stove, also sink are the three demanding areas in the kitchenette. These three features would not be positioned side-by-side in a kitchen, otherwise, it will be impossible for more than one individual to cook or make food at once. Instead, make a triangle with the refrigerator, stove, also sink so there is amply of room for you to work proficiently in your new kitchenette.

        Selecting Appliances Last

        The appliances would fit cozily between cabinets in your kitchenette, but you will not know their exact sizes until you choose them. So, if you wait too long, you would have to decide where your cupboards will go and how much room toward leave for your appliances without knowing their precise sizes.

        Picking the Incorrect Size

        Using items that are not the accurate size can make the whole kitchen look sloppy also incomplete. For instance, if you select bar stools that are much petite than the height of your isle, it will be unbearable for your family to contently use this part of your kitchen.

          Being Hesitant

          Do not give your worker the green light until you are unquestionably certain that you are happy with the remodeling plans. Altering your mind in the mid of the remodel could lead to delays, unexpected expenditures, plus frustration. Save yourself the worry by making certain you’re pleased with the plans beforehand the work starts.


          Throughout our entire process, your satisfaction is our #1 priority and we ensure you know what to expect with every step. We may not be the right renovation company for everyone, but our commitment to our customers is unwavering, and we promise a stunning home renovation for every customer we serve.

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          Frequently Ask Question About Kitchen Renovation

          How much does a kitchen remodel cost in NYC?

          Answer: The regular cost for a kitchen overhaul in NYC is $39, 515. These main renovations typically include new counters, electrical work, also new appliances.

          How can I save money remodeling my kitchen?


          1. Retain the same layout
          do not move any current plumbing if possible. Moving a sink toward the opposite wall might mean pulling up your kitchenette floor to move the drain line, for instance. The similar goes for relocating electric otherwise gas ranges, which frequently add a full day of work.
          2. Keep it simple
          If new cupboards are a must-have, select ready-to-assemble or else stock models in its place of custom choices. And resist decorative add-ons like cabinet also drawer dividers, vertical spice racks, as well as countertop garages
          3. Do a slight yourself
          Be sure toward sharing your DIY goals with potential workers to find out if they are comfortable leaving several parts of the work to you.

          What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

          Answer:  The costliest element of any kitchenette remodel is typically the cabinets, which on regular cost up of $15,000. In second place are novel appliances, costing on regular around $8,200. The countertops are the following greatest expenditure, generally price just under $6,000.

          How much does a kitchen remodel increase home value 2020?

          Answer: If you are forecasting to sell your house in two months, it might not be smart toward putting $60,000 into a novel kitchen if your real estate agent only ponders, you will recoup $40,000. That is $20,000 down the drain! In that case, it creates more sense to do a few smart overhauls that might only cost $5,000. The correct updates could give your home worth a boost beforehand hitting the market—and assistance you attract as numerous buyers as thinkable!

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